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Hoy, hoy! Suicide Girls Get iPhone App

Flip it and strip it…
whoever said tattooed tits were tawdry, anyhow?


By Blurt Staff


It was bound to happen. Remember those old ballpoint “nudie
cutie” pens? The ones that displayed a pic of a bathing suit clad nubile on the
barrel – but when you flipped the pen over, all of a sudden her clothing had
disappeared and there you were, in all your hairy palmed glory, staring
slack-jawed at a nekkid chick? (We realize some of you female readers may not
be following this narrative, particularly if you are of a younger generation,
but work with us here.)


Well, bringing the flip ‘em and strip ‘em concept into the
digital realm is a new iPhone app that updates the nudie pen concept for, you
guessed it, the iPhone. Your lithesome models? Why, none other than the Suicide
Girls! Apparently S-gals Lumi, Sash, Zoli, Rigel, Coley, Radeo, Inga, Dot,
Antigone and Moxi – who makes up these names, anyway? – are available for your
stripping pleasure. Simply download the app, shake the phone to either side to
pick the stripper of your choice, then flip the phone and voila! No clothes!




Well, almost… most of the clothes will come off, as shown in
these examples. This no doubt is to save you embarrassment for those times when
your gradeschool-aged kid gets his or her hands on your phone in public…




Say hello, sailors, to (respectively, below) Moxi, Coley and Sash.







Fox News Is Getting Fucked Up


No, really – we know
they have been fucked up for a long time. But now they are literally “getting”
Fucked Up.. Or at least part of it.


By Fred Mills


In today’s official “fucked up news” comes word that Fucked
Up frontman Damian Abraham (aka Pink Eyes) is going to be a Fox News
commentator. The 300-pound, bearded, shaved head behemoth vocalist apparently hit
it off with Fox’s Greg Gutfeld, host of the network’s “Red Eye” program and for
some reason an avowed fan of Fucked Up, and after a couple of appearances on “Red
Eye” wound up hitting it off (term used loosely) with some of the Fox bosses. (Presumably
not Bill O’Reilly.) Reportedly, plans are afoot to have Abraham be a token
left-leaning pundit, or something like that.


This info comes courtesy of Canada’s CBC news, who quoted
Abraham, in an interview, as saying somewhat incredulously, “I think this
probably seems weirder to me being in this situation than for people outside
looking in… It’s one of those things where do you take this ridiculous
opportunity as it’s presented to you, or do you avoid it and just continue on with
your life? That’s sort of the internal struggle I’m dealing with.”


Hey, we are all about ridiculous opportunities!


As Pitchfork drily observed in their own Fucked Up account, “Abraham
isn’t exactly part of Fox News’ core demographic.”


You got that right.


Fucked Up does Black Flag’s “Nervous Breakdown” (which that O’Reilly cat may be having about now if the news turns out to be accurate):



Loudon Wainwright Takes On Charlie Poole


High Wide & Handsome’s the name, diggin’
up some Tarheel root’s the game.



Blurt Staff




Wainwright III has created one of the most ambitious projects of his career
with ‘High Wide & Handsome: The
Charlie Poole Project
,’ out August 25 on 2nd Story Sound Records, examining
the life, themes, and repertoire of the country music pioneer.



in the 2005 box set, ‘You Ain’t Talkin’
To Me: Charlie Poole and the Roots of Country Music
,’ Poole was a
bootlegger, banjo picker, amateur baseball player, drinker, rambler, gambler,
and textile mill worker — and one of the most popular musicians of his day,
recording over 110 tracks for Columbia, Paramount, and Brunswick. Born in 1892
in North Carolina,
he lived fast and died at the age of 39.



was not, however, a writer, drawing instead on popular and traditional
repertoire for his recordings and performances. According to All Music Guide,
“Poole’s talent for making it all seem
like personal autobiography makes him very much a modernist, only a short leap
away from an artist like Hank Williams.” This same spirit of
reinterpreting popular and trdational repertoire to reflect the present as well
as the past may be seen as the heart of Wainwright’s Poole



Dick Connette (Geoff Muldaur, Last Forever) said, “The process has
involved all sorts of great musicians and arrangers, and recording the songs as
our ears, hearts, minds, and hands take us, from string quartet to swing trio,
from old timey string band, to a cappella gospel. [Poole’s
work is] like a condensed compendium of all the strains that have created and
continue to create American popular music.”



on the album include Rufus and Martha Wainwright, Nickel Creek mandolin player
Chris Thile, and many others.





[Pictured below: Wainwright with producer Connette]


2009 IMA Judges: She & Him, B.Keys, more

She & Him, The
Black Keys, Mark Hoppus, Aimee Mann and Bettye LaVette
Join Judging Panel For The 9th Annual Independent Music Awards


By Blurt Staff



The Independent Music
Awards (IMAs) announced yesterday the first group of artists and industry
veterans who will determine the winners of the 9th annual IMAs, currently
accepting submissions. This year additional categories in the competition
include Love Song, Story Song, Eclectic Album and Concept Album.


The list includes: Aimee Mann, Shelby Lynne, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky, Bettye LaVette, Jonatha Brooke, Suzanne Vega, Judy Collins, Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward (She & Him), Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney (The Black Keys); the brothers Zac, Isaac and Taylor Hanson of Hanson; the members of Apples In Stereo (and 7th IMA Pop/Rock-Song Winners) Eric Allen, Bill Doss, John Dufilho and John Ferguson; Mark Hoppus (Blink 182), Dennis Diken (The Smithereens), Butch Walker and Brian “Head” Welch (Korn).


According o the IMA,
the program “supports artists who broaden the definition of commercial success
and represent the diversity of the global Indie scene. The program honors
artists with previous major label releases as well as artists signed to indie
labels and those with self-released titles.”

Past winners and nominees include: Koko Taylor, Martin Sexton, Jamie Lidell, The Apples
In Stereo, Lacuna Coil, God Forbid, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Jeff Healey,
Dengue Fever, Joan As Police Woman, Twilight Hotel, Speech, Mary Gauthier, Jennifer
Nettles, Girl In A Coma, Marco Benevento, Tannis Slimmon and Dan Zanes.


Details at the IMA website – deadline for submissions is
August 21.





Depeche Mode Statement Issued


Gahan recovering, band rescheduling cancelled shows.



By Blurt Staff



Depeche Mode are pleased to
announce they will restart their interrupted Tour Of The Universe in Leipzig, Germany
on June 8th.

On May 12th, lead singer Dave
Gahan suffered a severe bout of gastroenteritis, leading to his hospitalization
and the cancellation of the Athens
concert. While in hospital, further medical tests revealed a low-grade
malignant tumor in Dave’s bladder, which has since been successfully removed.
At doctors’ orders Dave Gahan must take a break until June 8th, to ensure that
he makes a full recovery. The Leipzig
show on June 8th will be the first concert following Dave’s recovery.

Dave Gahan sincerely thanks his fans for their support, understanding and
patience. Depeche Mode deeply regret any problems or inconveniences the
cancellations and postponements may have caused.


May 30th
London O2 is postponed and will be rescheduled to a new date, which will be
announced shortly. Tickets purchased will remain valid.

May 31st
Depeche Mode’s performance at the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf is cancelled.

June 2nd
The show at the HSH Nordbank Arena in Hamburg
will now take place on July 1st. Tickets purchased remain valid.

June 4th & 5th
The shows at Dusseldorf LTU Arena on June 4th and 5th will be rescheduled,
however the exact dates cannot be determined until the 2nd Bundesliga releases
its new schedule. Dates for the rescheduled shows are expected to be announced
by early July. Ticket holders should retain their tickets for the rescheduled

June 7th & 8th
Regrettably, the June 7th show in Leipzig
must be cancelled due to doctors’ orders, however the June 8th show will occur
as planned. Tickets for the cancelled June 7th show may be exchanged for
tickets to either the June 8th show in Leipzig
or the June 10th show in Berlin
(availability permitting) at the relevant box office.

July 2nd
Bergen, Koengen
has been rescheduled to Thursday, January 28th, 2010 at the Vestlandhallen.

The following European shows are not affected and will take place as originally

June 8th LEIPZIG Zentralstadion
June 10th BERLIN Olympiastadion
June 12th FRANKFURT Commerzbank Arena
June 13th MUNICH Olympiastadion
June 16th ROME Stadio Olimpico
June 18th MILAN Stadio San Siro
June 20th WERCHTER TW Classic Festival
June 22nd BRATISLAVA Inter Stadium
June 23rd BUDAPEST Puskas Ferenc Stadium
June 25th PRAGUE Slavia Stadium
June 27th PARIS Stade de France
June 28th NANCY Zenith Amphitheatre
June 30th COPENHAGEN Parken Stadium
July 1st HAMBURG (rescheduled show)
July 3rd ARVIKA Arvika Festival
July 6th CARCASSONNE Esplanade Gambetta
July 8th VALLADOLID Jose Zorilla Stadium
July 9th BILBAO BBK Live Festival
July 11th PORTO Super Bock Super Rock Festival
July 12th SEVILLE Olimpic Stadium

Furthermore, all dates following Seville
on the Tour of the Universe will proceed as originally planned.

Ticket holders for the previously canceled shows listed below are encouraged to
hold on to their tickets pending a further statement. Every effort continues to
be made to reschedule these shows and more time is needed to resolve venue
availability and routing. A final decision is expected early next week, at
which time a statement will be made with regards to either a rescheduled date
or final cancellation.

May 12th ATHENS Terra Vibe
May 14th ISTANBUL Santral Istanbul
May 16th BUCHAREST Parc Izvor
May 18th SOFIA Vasil Levski
May 21st ZAGREB Arena
May 23rd WARSAW Gwardia Stadium
May 25th RIGA Skonto Stadium
May 27th VILNIUS Zalgirio Stadionas


Black Mtn. Offshoot Lightning Dust Returns



New album incoming
from Jagjaguwar…


By Blurt Staff



Vancouver duo Lightning
Dust’s sophomore album for Jagjaguwar, Infinite Light (due August 4) is an album
that ups the ante of the band’s minimalist, self-titled debut and lays to waste
any “side project” chatter. As Lightning Dust, Amber Webber and
Joshua Wells harness a gentler sound than as founding members of Black Mountain,
though this sound is no less loaded with tension and an enviable fluency in the
most classic of psych-rock.



For the album, Webber and Wells called upon the powers of classic pop
arrangements and made the most of five days with a Steinway Grand piano. While
Webber and Wells met through their involvement in what they described as two of
the saddest bands in Canada,
the songs written for Infinite Light found the two moving away from the uniformly downbeat. Rather, the songs were
more suited to lush and melodramatic arrangements. Cue the strings. Lightning
Dust have delivered a cosmic record about the adventure in finding love and the
journey in losing and rediscovering “the light.”



While Infinite Light is definitely more
layered and lush than previous efforts, Lightning Dust’s minimal aesthetic
works well in the economy of musical theater, an influence for the record,
wherein each song’s movements aim to be more inspiring than the one before it.
And this is suiting in that Infinite
is a nod to “the light of inspiration” that
inspires us to keep dancing, creating and loving in spite of an encroaching
darkness. It’s a reminder that what makes the mountains so very, very black is
a distant light
somewhere on the other side.



First mp3 “I Knew”
is a shining example, an unlikely cross between Suicide  and Fleetwood Mac. Catch a preview here:








Antonia Jane

I Knew


The Times

Never Seen


Honest Man

Waiting On
The Sun To Rise

What Everyone Knows

Taking It




Yacht Leaks (a new MP3, that is…)


What’s the deal with
the triangle, you ask? We ain’t saying….


By Fred Mills


Yacht – twisted indiepop duo Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans,
they of the lithesome (if partially obscured) flesh above – drop their new
album See Mystery Lights on July 28,
courtesy DVA. We think it kicks ass. How do we know that? Because we are
listening to it right now!


But don’t be jealous: the band has a free MP3 of the track “Psychic City” available for you right now:




(Now, don’t
call this a “leak” because by definition, band’s can’t “leak” their own
material. Crazed fans “leak.” Writers with low self-esteem “leak.” Studio
engineers who get paid off “leak.” Limo drivers who nab an artist’s CDR while
he’s passed out in the back from too much cocaine, champagne and supermodel pussy
“leak.” Bands don’t “leak” – they “release.” Got that?)


At any rate,
here’s the scoop and the album and the band, courtesy Yacht’s handler, for
those of you who came in late. Like we said, the rec kicks ass….





releasing three albums of original music, touring worldwide, and making scores
of remixes for bands like Stereolab, Ratatat, and Architecture in Helsinki, Jona Bechtolt,
the former half of The Blow otherwise known as YACHT, has taken his “life
project” to a new level. Last year YACHT (Young Americans Challenging High
Technology) reincarnated as a duo, with Bechtolt joined by new full-time member
Claire L. Evans – an accomplished science writer, artist, and veteran of the
previously-underground LA noise scene.  

After they recorded a tongue-in-cheek “love letter” to LCD
Soundsystem’s James Murphy in the form of the track ” Summer Song,” Murphy
signed the pair to DFA Records. 

The music, lyrics, visual and conceptual themes of See Mystery Lights were born in an ad-hoc studio in a casita in Marfa, Texas.
A baffling paranormal phenomenon in the Far West Texas desert, the
“mystery lights” for which the album is named are nocturnal orbs of
elusive light that randomly appear along the Texas horizon. Using this anomaly as a
starting point, YACHT crafted an album that is both mysterious and immediately

“Ring The Bell” opens the album with a shamanistic groove anchored by a shaker
and a rolling, one-note guitar line, steadily building as Bechtolt and Evans
chant one of the album’s many Delphic mantras: “Will we go to heaven or will we
go to hell? It’s my understanding that neither are real.” The stuttering
high-hats of “I’m In Love With A Ripper” make for a weird, yet inescapably
potent club anthem, while the subversive “Don’t Fight The Darkness” will either
shed some light onto the mystical themes of the album or cast them further into

See Mystery Lights is idiosyncratic and heavily layered, exploring
themes from the existential, to the spiritual, to the hedonistic, all through
the distorting lens of pop.  

The true beauty, however, is that one can choose to dive down YACHT’s rabbit
hole and search for answers — or just as easily ignore their cryptic motifs
and enjoy See Mystery Lights for the adventurous and innovative
avant-pop album that it is.




Dance with Grizzly Bear


New album in stores and tour finally commences.


By Blurt Staff


As previously announced, Brooklyn-based Grizzly
Bear – whose Ed Droste is one of the six cover subjects on the latest issue of
BLURT – has a lengthy summer tour of the U.S. that kicks off this week. The
acid folk/experimental rock/psychedelic band is supporting its new Warp Recs
album Veckatimest, which was released
this week. Watch this space for a full review shortly. Meanwhile….



Tour Dates:




Thu – 05.28 – New York, NY – Town Hall

Fri – 05.29 – New York, NY   Town Hall

Sun – 05.31 – New York, NY    Music Hall
Of Williamsburg



Mon – 06.01 – Washington, DC –   9:30

Tue – 06.02 – Philadelphia, PA  –
 Trocadero Theatre

Wed – 06.03 – Boston, MA  –  Berklee
Performance Center

Thu – 06.04 – Montréal, QC  –  Le

Fri – 06.05 – Toronto, ON   – Phoenix

Sat – 06.6 – Chicago IL   – Empty Bottle

Sun – 06.07 – Minneapolis, MN –   Cedar
Cultural Center

Mon – 06.08 – Milwaukee, WI   – Pabst

Tue – 06.09 – Bloomington, IN   – Buskirk
– Chumley Theater

Thu – 06.11 – Carrboro, NC –   Cat’s

Fri – 06.12 – Atlanta GA  –  The Earl

Mon – 06.15 – Dallas, TX  –  Granada

Tue – 06.16 – Austin, TX   – The Parish

Fri – 06.19 – Los Angeles, CA –   The

Sun – 06.21 – San Francisco, CA –   The



Fri – 07.03 – New York NY   South Street


*With John Vanderslice & Apostle Of Hustle


Get more
information at Grizzly Bear



Meg White Marries Jackson Smith


A marriage of rock
near-royalty at that!


By Fred Mills



Assuming you’ve been away from your computer all day, or
drunk, or both, we’d be remiss not to let you know that Meg White and Patti
Smith’s kid Jackson just got hitched last weekend in Nashville, at Jack White’s place.


According to an official announcement at the White Stripes’


“Meg White married fiance Jackson Smith on Friday, May 22nd,
in a ceremony in Nashville, TN, as part of a double wedding with Jack Lawrence
[the bassist for the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather] and girlfriend Jo McCaughey. The nuptials took place in Jack White’s
backyard and were attended by a small party of close friends and relatives. The
wedding was officiated by the most reverend Benjamin Swank.”


It’s been a tough couple of years for Meg White, what with her
having to contend not only with exhaustion (that resulted in the Stripes’ Fall
2007 being cancelled) but also that sex tape scandal (which, despite the
widespread circulation of the explicit video, turned out to be a hoax). So here’s
hoping that her marriage – to some very fine musical stock, incidentally – is
the start of a happy new era.




Birds of Avalon Set to Soar


Awesome new album is downright uncanny in its awesomeness… yes, we are listening to it right now and it’ll zip those pants right off ya!


By Blurt Staff


Hard-touring, hard-partying
Tarheel band the Birds of Avalon wrote and recorded almost two-dozen new songs
during a six-month break from and are prepared to release their sophomore LP, Uncanny Valley, this summer. The band: Craig
Tilley (vox/keys), Cheetie Kumar (guitar/backing vox), Paul Siler (guitar),
Scxott Nurkin (drums/vox) and David Mueller bass/vox).



Uncanny Valley is the second of two records that the band recorded in the last four
months.   In January, they wrapped up a
recording session at Mitch Easter’s Fidelitorium Studio.  Following the session, the band found itself
back home wanting to write and record additional material instead of getting
back on the road as they usually would. “The two records are like two
variations on a theme,” says Cheetie Kumar, adding, “The first batch of songs
resulted in a more elaborate, dense record, but this second batch seemed to
sound like a summer record to us, which is when it’s gonna come out.”



After Easter, the famed producer
(REM, Wilco, Pavement), generously offer to lend his 3M tape machine and some
old used tape, the band borrowed the remaining equipment from friends around
their hometown of Raleigh NC and proceeded to record a second album in their
basement-rehearsal space which was transformed within days to a makeshift



The band drew inspiration for this
record from a theory by a Japanese roboticist to describe the phenomena by
which human beings become more unsettled by robots or other human facsimiles in
direct proportion to how lifelike they appear. In keeping with themes of “The
Uncanny,” the band’s first MP3 off of Uncanny
, “Your Downtime Is Up,” describes how a child’s innocent exploration
of underground storm drain tunnels turns into something more sinister. “Across
the board, encountering your doppelganger is never a good thing.  It’s usually an omen of death,” says David
Mueller, adding, “The song presents a modern myth in which a child exploring
storm tunnels encounters his double and is frozen to the spot.  He then helplessly watches the doppelganger
leave the tunnel to assume his identity in the world while he remains trapped
below forever.”  Fans can check out an
MP3 of the song:




The band will set out on a string
of tour dates in support of Uncanny Valley which will include a Manhattan release show with a DJ set by past
tour-mate, Ted Leo. Watch for a review of the album in the new print edition of
BLURT, hitting stores in a few weeks.



Tour Dates:


6/13 – Chapel
Hill, NC – Local 506
w/ Dark Meat

6/22 – Washington, DC
– The Red and Black Bar     

6/23 – New York, NY – Santos Party House

6/24 – Allston, MA
– Harper’s Ferry    

6/25 – New Haven, CT
– Cafe Nine    

6/26 – Brooklyn, NY
– Union Hall        

6/27 – Eatontown, NJ
– Monmouth Mall            

6/28 – Albany, NY
– Crossgate Mall        

6/29 – Philadelphia, PA
– Johnny Brenda’s        

6/30 – Baltimore, MD
– Talking Head Club @ Sonar    

7/3 – Raleigh,
NC – Pour House (Weese Fest)



[Photo Credit: Justin