Kajagoogoo Is Back; Earth Tilts on Axis


What’s more, they want
to record a new album as well…


By Blurt Staff


Proof that if you WANT to remember the ‘80s, you probably
weren’t there arrives today with news that archetypal ‘80s pop outfit
Kajagoogoo has gotten back together and will be touring for the first time in a
quarter century. They got together for a brief spell in 2004 for that atrocious
VH1 program “Bands Reunited” (anybody who saw the classic Flock of Seagulls
segment, raise your hands) and then sane head prevailed and they put the beast
to rest a second time.


Mirror is reporting, however, that
the fiftysomethings mullet farmers, fronted by fey vocalist Limahl (real name:
Christopher Hamill) will be touring Britain this fall starting in mid
September (dates at Kajagoogoo.com).


“It’s good to be back, Limahl told the Mirror. “Back then, we didn’t have time to enjoy things. But now
we’re older and a bit wiser, so we can enjoy it a lot more. [And] We’ll go back
in the studio and record some new stuff.”


Oof. You have been warned, punters. Okay, everybody sing
along together… “too shy-shy….”


[Kajagoogoo then,
above, and now, below


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