It’s Pink Converse Time for Elizaveta



Singer songwriter finds a new way
to get her tunes heard.


By Blurt



It’s kinda
awkward, and kinda sweet, and a whole lotta tuneful: that’s the song “You Said
No To Prom,” by L.A.
singer-songwriter Elizaveta Khripounova, whose breezy-yet-plaintive vocal and
laid-back jazz-pop style invests the tune with just the right balance of power
and restraint. What’s interesting is that Elizaveta chose to debut the timely
song – it is prom season in America,
after all – not via the standard channels, but as an online video through an unusual
alliance with mega-shoe company Converse.


In the
vid, Elizaveta is depicted alternately in a classroom daydreaming and
scribbling in her notebook, and in the lunch room serenading a guy who turned
down her request to go to the pom with her. (There’s also a quirky moment when
she’s in the men’s bathroom playing her guitar while they guy is taking a whizz
in the urinal.) Oh, and throughout, she’s also wearing – big surprise – pink
Converse hightops. Yet aside from the corporate logo that displays onscreen,
that’s the only instance of product placement, and it’s easy enough to just get
drawn into the tune itself. It doesn’t feel like an ad, and it’s not intended
as such, either.


“Converse is dedicated to
being a catalyst for creativity in the worlds of music, sport, art and
fashion,” said Geoff Cottrill, Chief Marketing Officer for Converse, in a
statement. “We also like to entertain and surprise fans of our brand. Elizaveta
is a tremendous talent and we’re excited to provide a vehicle for her
originality in this sweet but unusual tale of prom-time angst.”


Go HERE to view the video.


whose father was a well-known Soviet diplomat in the times of the Cold War, was
born in New York, where her parents were stationed at the United Nations, and
grew up in Moscow, Russia, playing piano but refusing to learn how to
figure-skate. She left home in her teens and in the process has traveled across
Europe, learned Italian and French, graduated from the University of Southern
California with a degree in opera performance and learned how to drive a
stick-shift and ride a motorcycle.

You may have already heard her, in fact: her previous releases include Breakfast with Chopin, which was a
songwriting tribute to her favorite classical composers, such as Beethoven,
Chopin and Tchaikovsky. It was followed up by Like Water, the title track of
which was featured in the Sony Pictures film The House Bunny.

Elizaveta currently lives in LA, but says she dreams of moving to New York City, scoring a
Japanese anime and buying a used Harley Davidson Sportster. In the meantime,
she writes a lot of poetry and is recording a new album.  For more information, visit




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