Iggy On Stooges’ Raw Power Reunion



Mending fences with
guitarist James Williamson and making plans to get their cocks outta their pockets.


By Fred Mills


As we Twittered yesterday, Iggy Pop has disclosed to an
Australian newspaper
that he’s had a meeting with guitarist James Williamson
about putting together a version of The Stooges that would perform the 1973
album Raw Power. This in the
aftermath of original guitarist Ron Asheton’s death in January.


“There is always Iggy and the Stooges, the second growth of
the band,” said Iggy, referring to the Stooges Mk. II lineup that included
Williamson. “I had a meeting in LA last week with James. It was the first time
we had seen each other in 30 years. So we talked about doing something
together. Raw Power would be the


Iggy indicated that the band would also include drummer
Scott Asheton and bassist Mike Watt. He also added that there were a number of “hard
driving rhythm tracks” in the can that Asheton recorded before his death, and
they might wind up on future recordings.


As the Detroit
Metro Times pointed out, Iggy and
Williamson have been estranged for some time, so this marks an unusual twist in
the always-interesting Stooges saga. (Asheton, for his part, refused to perform
Raw Power material during the
latterday reunion, although he was the bassist on the album.)


Opined the Metro Times,
“Let’s hope the repertoire
might be kind enough to include a little Kill City and some of those non-
Bowie singles and Metallica K.O. outtakes like “I Got A
Right,” “Rich Bitch” and “Cock In My Pocket” as well.”





[Photo Credit: Robert Matheu]



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