Gettin’ Pissy: Mothersbaugh vs.Drew B.


Probably shouldn’t
have pressed the issue about scoring that “Firestarter” remake… touchy subject
for Drew, we here…


By Fred Mills


DEVO founder, Rugrats scorer and all around sonic subversive Mark Mothersbaugh is apparently on the
outs with actress Drew Barrymore, who had initially tagged him to compose the
score to Whip It!, the Rollergirl-themed
flick that is to star Juno‘s Ellen
Page (and will mark Barrymore’s directorial debut), due in October from Fox
Searchlight. Now, though, according to Mothersbaugh, the deal is off.


He was quoted as saying, of
Barrymore, “She hired me and fired me in all of like two weeks. I got snippy
with her. She cancelled out on showing up at the studio three times and I
kicked Devo out every single time and had an engineer come in and set up the
studio and the third time I got pissy with her on the phone. And she said she
just doesn’t think our styles work together. So I got fired.”


No word yet on Mothersbaugh’s
replacement. Artists set to have songs on the soundtrack include Peaches, Turbo
Fruits, Har Mar Superstar and others. No word on whether or not one of them
will be covering DEVO’s classic tune “Whip It”….



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