Fun With Publicists!


Now THAT is one perky
looking gal! What’s she pitchin’?


By Blurt Staff


Here at BLURT we get a lot of pitches from record industry folks – maybe something like 300 emails come in
each day (not all of them come from needy, neurotic BLURT writers, in other
words, if you catch our drift). However, we think this is the first time we’ve
ever gotten a pitch about being pitched. We can’t decide if the email copied
below is beyond the pale, or simply reason to crack open our sixth pale ale of
the day….


Incidentally, the website referenced is a hoot. Look up
folks by state to see if you spot any of your buddies listed. While at first
glance we don’t spot too many music biz p.r. flacks, well… BLURT could
definitely use some extra publicity – our second print magazine is due out
shortly, in fact – so… we’re lookin’!


Oh, and the answers to the questions posed are, in order:
yes, rarely, no.


BLURT: still making ourselves persona non grata at the 2010
SXSW, one email at a time…





Dear Blurt,


you think of each and every publicist as a pesky spammer who wastes your time
with untargeted pitches? Or have some of them become valuable assets in your
work, suggesting timely, targeted and well-research story ideas?


you’ve benefited from ideas or research done by some publicists, may I suggest
returning a favor by sending me a short testimonial for inclusion in,
a new nationwide database of publicists and a client of my? Your testimonials
will help many companies differentiate between publicists who know what media
professionals are looking for and those who irritate you with untargeted
pitches. We are publicists ourselves and we believe that it’s high time to sort
the wheat from the chaff in our profession.
is a free service just launched by KMGi, an internationally acclaimed Internet
technologies company. Currently its database contains detailed information on
over 2,000 publicists but don’t feel restricted by it. Simply include the name,
the URL, and if you have it handy, the contact info of the publicist and our
client will add them to the database.


you like the concept and think that it deserves a mention in your publication,
please let us know if you need any additional information.  




[name deleted to protect the innocent]





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