Fun With Lawyers!


Now THAT is one perky
looking gal! Who’s she representin’?


By Blurt Staff


Here at BLURT we get a lot of correspondence from industry folks – maybe something like 300 emails come in
each day (not all of them come from needy, neurotic BLURT writers, in other
words, if you catch our drift). However, we think this is the first time we’ve
every gotten a invitation to help out lawyers – by our reckoning, the legal
profession is responsible for 9/10 of the crap that goes on in the music biz!
So we can’t decide if the email copied below is beyond the pale, or simply
reason to crack open our sixth pale ale of the day….


Incidentally, the website referenced is a hoot. Look up
folks to see if you recognize the names of local shylocks, or, better, someone
whose rep you’d like to scorch.


Oh, and the answers to the questions posed below are, in order:
yes, no, yes.


BLURT: still making ourselves persona non grata at the 2010
SXSW, one email at a time…





Dear Blurt,


Have you
ever needed to retain an attorney? If so, was he or she worth the money, or did
the whole experience help you understand why so many people dislike lawyers?


way, you should share your insight with others. I invite you to post your
thoughts at,
a free service which helps people find lawyers who will keep their clients
satisfied and avoid the other 99% who give the profession a bad name.


visit the site and, if you think it’s a beneficial service that deserves a
mention in your publication, let us know if you need any additional



[name deleted]





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