Cult Hero Emitt Rhodes Gets Reissued!


Four key albums from the early ‘70s due out on remastered
2-CD set.


By Blurt Staff



Among the cult legends that
populate the margins of contemporary popular music, the story of Emitt Rhodes
remains one of the most compelling.  Compared by fans and critics
favorably to the likes of Paul McCartney, Emitt Rhodes was arguably one of
the most overlooked and underappreciated pop-rock singer-songwriters of the


May 22 marks the official ship
date of Hip-O Select’s The Emitt Rhodes Recordings. The limited-to-5000 copies, two-CD, 48 song collection features the four albums Emitt
Rhodes released between 1970 and 1973 – the three ABC/Dunhill albums Emitt Rhodes, Mirror and Farewell To Paradise, and his one
A&M album, American Dream, along
with the non-LP single “Tame The Lion,” all showcasing Emitt’s
intricate melodies, harmonies, and arrangements.



album has been newly remastered, making these long-out-of-print recordings must-owns for collectors.
Indeed, the Rhodes LPs have long held an almost mythic sway over fans of pop. That
mystique is, to some degree, a reflection of the sense of mystery that
surrounds their creator. (Unlike most cult legends, he didn’t issue his
masterworks then disappear, however. Instead, Rhodes went on to become an
engineer and producer and still lives in Hawthorne,


But the real source of the
enduring fascination with Rhodes is the music



 Track Listing:


 Disc 1A: THE
(A&M SP-4254, 1971; Recorded 1969)

1. Mother Earth  

2. Pardon Me  

3. Textile Factory  

4. Someone Died  

5. Come Ride, Come Ride  

6. Let’s All Sing  

7. Holly Park  

8. Saturday Night  

9. You’re A Very Lovely Woman  

10. Mary Will You Take My Hand  

11. The Man He Was  

12. In The Days Of The Old  

13. ‘Til The Day After  


Disc 1B: EMITT RHODES (ABC/Dunhill DS-50089, 1970)

1. With My Face On The Floor  

2. Somebody Made For Me  

3. She’s Such A Beauty  

4. Long Time No See  

5. Lullabye  

6. Fresh As A Daisy  

7. Live Till You Die  

8. Promises I’ve Made  

9. You Take The Dark Out Of The Night  

10. You Should Be Ashamed  

11. Ever Find Yourself Running  

12. You Must Have  


Disc 2A: MIRROR (ABC/Dunhill DSX-50111, 1971)

1. Birthday Lady  

2. Better Side Of Life  

3. My Love Is Strong  

4. Side We Seldom Show  

5. Mirror  

6. Really Wanted You  

7. Medley: Bubble Gum The Blues / I’m A Cruiser  

8. Love Will Stone You  

9. Golden Child Of God  

10. Take You Far Away  


Disc 2B: FAREWELL TO PARADISE (ABC/Dunhill DSX-50122, 1973)

1. Warm Self Sacrifice  

2. See No Evil  

3. Drawn To You  

4. Blue Horizon  

5. Shoot the Moon  

6. Only Lovers Decide  

7. Trust One More  

8. Nights Are Lonely  

9. Bad Man  

10. In Desperate Need  

11. Those That Die (From Tame The Lion)  

12. Farewell to Paradise


Disc 2C: Non-LP single (ABC/Dunhill 4315, 1972)

1. Tame The Lion





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