Coyne Spills Beans on New Lips DOUBLE LP!


Joy Division meets
Miles Davis? WTF?!?


By Fred Mills


“Somewhere along the way it occurred to me that we
should do a double album. Just this idea that you can kind of weave a couple of
themes into there and you can sort of sprawl a little bit. And some of my
favorite records – thinking Beatles ‘White Album,’ Zeppelin’s ‘Physical
Graffiti’ and even some of the longer things that the Clash have done – part of
the reason I like them is that they’re not focused. They’re kind of like a
free-for-all and go everywhere.”


That’s Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, talking to
about the next Lips album, as yet untitled but tentatively slated for a late summer
release. The followup to 2006’s At War
with the Mystics
apparently already includes some 13 finished tracks, and
the band plans to cut 8 or 9 more – making it a double CD. Coyne indicated they
want to wrap things up as much as possible prior to June and their hitting the
summer festival circuit.


He also told that the new material is shaping
up differently from previous Lips excursions: “I think with this there was
an element of accidentally stumbling upon more spontaneous sort of freak-out stuff.
We were sitting at (drummer) Steven’s house and we just started out having
these freak-out jam sessions where he’d play drums and I’d play bass and we
just would sort of do freaky stuff. Some of those recordings, even though
they’re not recorded very well, really had a spontaneity about them that we
probably wouldn’t have purposely done. So we just went with some of that and
use those as sort of the bedrock of what we’d do later on with overdubs and
lyrics and stuff like that. It sounds very exciting.”


Coyne cites the new tune “Convinced of the Hex” (“Joy
Division meets Miles Davis”) and “I Don’t Understand Karma” (“his response to
John Lennon’s ‘Instant Karma’) as evidence of their new musical direction.


We can only hope the band doesn’t succumb to White Album-styled lack of focus, or,
worse, Frampton Comes Alive!-derived
noodling. Let’s think Tommy, perhaps,
or thinking about that Miles ref, how about Bitches Brew?


Meanwhile, read our recent interview with Coyne about the
recent Teeshirtgate and the Oklahoma
state song flap HERE.





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