Cold War Kids w/”Interactive” Video


“The remix
possibilities are endless.”


By Blurt Staff


The Cold
War Kids’ hyper-interactive new video, “I’ve
Seen Enough,” from the Loyalty to
album, debuted this week.
The video, directed by Tool of North America’s Sam Jones, (Wilco’s I Am Trying to Break Your Heart), was
designed specifically to be presented in parallel parts online and then remixed
by fans, even mid-play – and is being released solely for the Web.

Music fans can visit to experience the video, whose core feature is the four distinctly different
versions of the song played by the band’s four members. Each member was filmed
on a darkly lit stage, playing their parts on vibraphone, guitar, bass,
keyboard, standup bass, and more. These versions were recorded so the parts can
be mixed together or played on their own.

Every change the fan
makes happens in real time, including every stop, start, or mid-stream
instrument change. Without skipping a beat, a fan can silence everything but
the vocals and bring in the drums, or start with the full band, pull the
keyboard and add the xylophone, or sweep away the standup bass at the last
minute and cue the bass guitar for the song’s closing notes. The remix
possibilities are endless. The video is experienced in a more “full-screen”
environment, truly allowing the viewer controlling the action from “inside” the
studio, and it will be seamlessly weaved into the look and feel of the fabric.

“The idea was that
fans would be able to create an interesting new variation of the track every
time, a new listening experience,” says director Sam Jones, of Tool. “Plus,
it’s just fun to play with – there are so many ways to mix the instruments and
vocals, and so many chances to get creative.”



Credit: Wignall]




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