Cheap Trick: New LP + “Sgt. Pepper’s” Disc


“It’s kind of like a
trilogy.” – Rick Nielsen, speaking to BLURT.


By Fred Mills


It’s not just a cheap trick: the mighty Cheap Trick is
laying plans to be the hippest thing happening this summer, with a new studio
album set to drop June 23, a song on in the new Transformers film, a summer tour with Def Leppard and (urk!) Poison
– well, one-third of that bill is hip, but that bill will certainly PAY the
bills – and, possibly, a concert disc from their 2007 Hollywood Bowl
performance where they covered the Beatles’ Sgt.


Regarding the new album, The
will be sold as a CD, LP and – get this – 8-track, exclusively at for the first month. The band is already taking pre-orders; details
at It’s the followup to 2006’s Rockford.


Speaking to BLURT several months ago prior to naming the
album, guitarist Rick Nielsen disclosed that the record was already finished,
joking, “It’s called The One After This
Next One
. No, I don’t have a title for it yet.” Clearly he was on the right
track, however, as “The Latest” seems to be a reasonable evolution from “The
One After This Next One.”


Nielsen paused to laugh, then added, “It’s kind of like a
trilogy: 3 songs, 3 songs, 3 songs. Then 1 song. So it’s not a real triology –
it’s our bad math version of a trilogy.”


In a report filed today by, drummer Bun E. Carlos observed,
“We wanted to make a record that sounded like 2009, get something that
sounds like us this year.” Nielsen weighed in as well, saying, “I think it
seems like we kinda grew up but didn’t too old, ’cause musically there’s a lot
of different aspects to it. When you hear something like (‘Sick Man of
Europe’), you think, ‘This can’t be the same guys.’ It sounds too energized for
what people expect from somebody who’s been around as long as we have…But
musically I think it sounds like we grew up a bit.”


 Meanwhile, news about the Hollywood Bowl recording was initially posted at then subsequently removed for reasons not clear – possibly
because the group hadn’t prepared an official announcement yet. Here’s the
original Billboard text as it appeared prior to being deleted:


The group is also
planning to release some sort of document from its 2007 Hollywood
Bowl performance of the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club
Band” but is not ready to announce it yet. That performance, a
40th-birthday tribute to the classic album, featured such guest vocalists as
Aimee Mann on “Fixing a Hole” and Joan Osborne on “Lucy in the
Sky With Diamonds.”




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