Black Mtn. Offshoot Lightning Dust Returns



New album incoming
from Jagjaguwar…


By Blurt Staff



Vancouver duo Lightning
Dust’s sophomore album for Jagjaguwar, Infinite Light (due August 4) is an album
that ups the ante of the band’s minimalist, self-titled debut and lays to waste
any “side project” chatter. As Lightning Dust, Amber Webber and
Joshua Wells harness a gentler sound than as founding members of Black Mountain,
though this sound is no less loaded with tension and an enviable fluency in the
most classic of psych-rock.



For the album, Webber and Wells called upon the powers of classic pop
arrangements and made the most of five days with a Steinway Grand piano. While
Webber and Wells met through their involvement in what they described as two of
the saddest bands in Canada,
the songs written for Infinite Light found the two moving away from the uniformly downbeat. Rather, the songs were
more suited to lush and melodramatic arrangements. Cue the strings. Lightning
Dust have delivered a cosmic record about the adventure in finding love and the
journey in losing and rediscovering “the light.”



While Infinite Light is definitely more
layered and lush than previous efforts, Lightning Dust’s minimal aesthetic
works well in the economy of musical theater, an influence for the record,
wherein each song’s movements aim to be more inspiring than the one before it.
And this is suiting in that Infinite
is a nod to “the light of inspiration” that
inspires us to keep dancing, creating and loving in spite of an encroaching
darkness. It’s a reminder that what makes the mountains so very, very black is
a distant light
somewhere on the other side.



First mp3 “I Knew”
is a shining example, an unlikely cross between Suicide  and Fleetwood Mac. Catch a preview here:








Antonia Jane

I Knew


The Times

Never Seen


Honest Man

Waiting On
The Sun To Rise

What Everyone Knows

Taking It




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