Birds of Avalon Set to Soar


Awesome new album is downright uncanny in its awesomeness… yes, we are listening to it right now and it’ll zip those pants right off ya!


By Blurt Staff


Hard-touring, hard-partying
Tarheel band the Birds of Avalon wrote and recorded almost two-dozen new songs
during a six-month break from and are prepared to release their sophomore LP, Uncanny Valley, this summer. The band: Craig
Tilley (vox/keys), Cheetie Kumar (guitar/backing vox), Paul Siler (guitar),
Scxott Nurkin (drums/vox) and David Mueller bass/vox).



Uncanny Valley is the second of two records that the band recorded in the last four
months.   In January, they wrapped up a
recording session at Mitch Easter’s Fidelitorium Studio.  Following the session, the band found itself
back home wanting to write and record additional material instead of getting
back on the road as they usually would. “The two records are like two
variations on a theme,” says Cheetie Kumar, adding, “The first batch of songs
resulted in a more elaborate, dense record, but this second batch seemed to
sound like a summer record to us, which is when it’s gonna come out.”



After Easter, the famed producer
(REM, Wilco, Pavement), generously offer to lend his 3M tape machine and some
old used tape, the band borrowed the remaining equipment from friends around
their hometown of Raleigh NC and proceeded to record a second album in their
basement-rehearsal space which was transformed within days to a makeshift



The band drew inspiration for this
record from a theory by a Japanese roboticist to describe the phenomena by
which human beings become more unsettled by robots or other human facsimiles in
direct proportion to how lifelike they appear. In keeping with themes of “The
Uncanny,” the band’s first MP3 off of Uncanny
, “Your Downtime Is Up,” describes how a child’s innocent exploration
of underground storm drain tunnels turns into something more sinister. “Across
the board, encountering your doppelganger is never a good thing.  It’s usually an omen of death,” says David
Mueller, adding, “The song presents a modern myth in which a child exploring
storm tunnels encounters his double and is frozen to the spot.  He then helplessly watches the doppelganger
leave the tunnel to assume his identity in the world while he remains trapped
below forever.”  Fans can check out an
MP3 of the song:




The band will set out on a string
of tour dates in support of Uncanny Valley which will include a Manhattan release show with a DJ set by past
tour-mate, Ted Leo. Watch for a review of the album in the new print edition of
BLURT, hitting stores in a few weeks.



Tour Dates:


6/13 – Chapel
Hill, NC – Local 506
w/ Dark Meat

6/22 – Washington, DC
– The Red and Black Bar     

6/23 – New York, NY – Santos Party House

6/24 – Allston, MA
– Harper’s Ferry    

6/25 – New Haven, CT
– Cafe Nine    

6/26 – Brooklyn, NY
– Union Hall        

6/27 – Eatontown, NJ
– Monmouth Mall            

6/28 – Albany, NY
– Crossgate Mall        

6/29 – Philadelphia, PA
– Johnny Brenda’s        

6/30 – Baltimore, MD
– Talking Head Club @ Sonar    

7/3 – Raleigh,
NC – Pour House (Weese Fest)



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