World Beard Championships Get Hairy


So you think you can
grow a killer ‘stache, eh, punk?


By Fred Mills


It really don’t get much better than this: the World Beard
and Moustache Championships, held every two years. Considering the beard-o
movement in indie rock these days, it’s a no-brainer for all you BLURT-ers, so
get your ass in gear (and start waxing those follicles) and head up to
Anchorage, Alaska, on May 23.


BLURT will be there. How about YOU?



Details available and tickets currently on sale at the
official website.


As the organizers advise us, “The championships feature
competition in a variety of categories that include everything from the
delicate Dali moustache to the outrageous full beard freestyle. The competitors
appear before a panel of distinguished judges charged with the responsibility
of awarding the coveted world titles to the best of the best.”


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