Wild Thing + Crimson & Clover = Prince


Please don’t sue us
for posting this video, Prince – after all, YOU posted it to YouTube in the
first place…


By Fred Mills


We’re not sure what we like best about the Prince video: the
decidedly retro visuals that’ll make you think you’ve stumbled into a VH1
Classic block of ‘60s clips, the fact that somewhere in the middle of the song His
Purpleness goes all Hendrix-at-Monterey on your ass, or simply that he’s
covering one of our all-time favorite tunes, Tommy James’ eternal “Crimson
& Clover.”


Hey, it’s not as freaked out as the version our friend Peter
Holsapple (of the dB’s, also of Stamey & Holsapple, who have a new album
coming out in June – gratuitous plug) did back in ’78, but it’s pretty fucking
good just the same.





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