Waits, Religion, Jones For Record Store Day



In particular the first
official live Tom Waits recordings in two decades…


By Blurt Staff



With Record Store Day just around the corner (that’s April
18, if you’re keeping track), and a massive swag list of exclusive releases slated for the event, we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you about three limited
edition 7-inchers that will be part of the deal. (Okay, so Epitaph and Anti-
just reminded us. We’re cool. Plus, these kinda stand out – the Waits thing in



Tom Waits will release a three song vinyl 7″
with live tracks from his overwhelmingly acclaimed 2007 Glitter and Doom
Tour.  “Lucinda” and “Ain’t Going Down to the Well”
were recorded in Atlanta GA,
while “Bottom of the World” comes from Waits’ performance in Edinburgh, Scotland. 
Together, these three songs are the first live recordings released since Waits’
Big Time came out in 1988.


Booker T. Jones is releasing a two song 7″ with
studio tracks – “Warped Sister” and “Reunion Time” — from
his upcoming ANTI- debut Potato Hole,
his first solo album in over 20 years which features backing from the Drive-By
Truckers, guitar tracks by Neil Young and Booker T’s unmistakable Hammond B3
organ stylings.


Bad Religion will celebrate Record Store Day with the
first-ever re-release of the record that started it all:  1981’s 6-song
7″ EP.  In a tribute to RSD 2009, Bad Religion founder/Epitaph owner
Brett Gurewitz wrote “I got my start by going around to record stores like
Moby Disc and Middle Earth and giving them The Bad Religion 7″ to sell on
consignment.  I’d go back every couple of weeks to see if they needed any
more and while I was at it I’d always check out the zines, flyers and new punk
releases. These places were more than stores, they were gathering places and
hubs of information.  They were the heart of the LA Hardcore scene and it
would never have existed without them.” 




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