Uh-oh, Smithereens Do Who’s "Tommy"


“I’ve got a bad
feeling about this.” – Han Solo


By Blurt Staff


On May 5, Koch Records will release The Smithereens Play Tommy, which in case you haven’t been paying
attention means that after doing a couple of albums’ worth of Beatles
recreations, the Smithereens have finally found their inner freak flags and
moved on a few years, to ’69.


 We’ll give the band
the benefit of the doubt, but color us “mildly dubious,” of course, as the
thought of covers albums, tribute bands, and the like makes us squint, while
makes us feel deaf, dumb and blind.


Here’s the scoop from the record label:



When asked about this
album, The Smithereens frontman Pat DiNizio stated, “This is punk rock opera
meets the godfathers of pop. Plain and simple.”



The Smithereens
decided to make a proper, all-out studio version of one of the albums that
inspired their rock dreams of becoming a band in the first place for this 40th anniversary tribute. The Who’s unique sound will never be duplicated, but then
again neither will the Smithereens sound that has made them enduring rock icons
over the past 25 plus years.  The result is part Who, part
Smithereens.  Part totally familiar, and part unexpectedly unique…and 100%
tour de force.  The Smithereens’ “musical dreams ain’t quite what they
seem”-the result is more than a loving tribute and much more like an inspired
re-imagining.   After listening to this album a few times, you may
never hear any of the Who’s versions of
Tommy the same way again.



The Dirty Projectors doing Black Flag, this ain’t. And as it
turns out, the Smithereens say they’re doing it more Live at Leeds style, and since a Who song is still a Who song – let’s
rock. And hey, did you hear about that expanded two-CD version of Who Sell Out that’s just out in the UK?


Have some baked beans, kids:



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