Rainn Wilson’s Beat Goes On



Vesuvius’ loss is
Weezer’s gain.


By Nancy Dunham


Just when you think Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Shrout of
Dunder Mifflin Paper Co., aka Robert “Fish” Fishman founding drummer of [The
Mighty] Vesuvius) can’t be any cooler, you get an email out of the blue that
proves you wrong.


Now Wilson
is a founder/collaborator in www.soulpancake.com that tackles everything from members’ questions about spirituality to discussions
about creativity to interviews with rock ‘n rollers.


One of the first major/most recent posts is Wilson arriving at
a recording studio to interview Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo (about all the
aforementioned topics) and sitting in on a session covering “One of Us” made
famous by Joan Osborne. Despite his protests of nerves, Wilson’s contribution
is amazingly good – where has this guy been hiding all these years?


Check it all out yourself here: Rainn
On Bongos




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