No More Tequila for You, Billy


It’s ladies’ night for Tila Tequila


By Nancy Dunham



We’re heartbroken.


We told you Smashing Pumpkins’ guru
Billy Corgan and reality star Tila Tequila

were together but, alas, we
hear that’s over now. Who saw that coming?


Not since Lisa Marie Presley
and Michael Jackson, or I mean Lisa Marie Presley and Nicholas Cage, I mean
Lisa Marie Presley and – sorry, the editors say our Web site doesn’t have
enough space to cite more LMP true-love-gone-bad scenarios – have we been this


A report on The Superficial (To crib a line from The Washington Post— “We look so you
don’t have to”) -seems to imply Tila has kicked Billy to the curb (no report on
if he liked it) and now has eyes only for the ladies.


Ah, rock & roll love is
so fleeting.





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