No Doubt? Maybe Not!


and Deliver shows why Adam Ant crawled away


By Nancy Dunham


Ok, we like musicians with great voices and killer bods
that make us feel like they’re “one of us.” But even though Gwen Stefani has
the BFF persona down cold, we can’t help but wonder if all her high-glam photo
shoots have affected her musical judgment.


What has give us pause is Perez Hilton – yes, he of the
“today I’m a mean-spirited gossip but if you let me backstage I’ll help promo
your album while I rake in some record company cash.”  A link on his site to the new No Doubt cover
of Adam Ant’s (hey – stay with us here!) song “Stand and Deliver” has made us
rethink what the newly reformed No Doubt featuring the always great Stefani
vocals will deliver.


It’s perky and peppy (which is obviously what you want
when you’re choosing a song to perform on a Gossip
spinoff) and really better than Ant’s ultra cheesy version but alas –
really not much more than sugar with the medicine, lipstick on a pig, and…well
you get it.


Perez’s take: “Oh well. It’s still a nice preview of
more to come!”


That, of course, is what we fear. Check out the tune here:

      Stand And Deliver




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