New Nine Inch Nails Album Out Today


No, actually, it’s not
David Lee Roth who’s Conficker – it’s Trent Reznor.


By Fred Mills


All those dope beats and fly soundz? Why, it’s the new Nine
Inch Nails album Strobe Light,  produced by none other than Timbaland, and
available today only, April 1, for download at the official site.


Admittedly, with all the April Fools day merriment going on
all over the internet and, uh, at various music websites, it’s hard to tell the
real deal from the bullshit. But has Trent Reznor ever been a joking man? Does
he look like he’s laughing in the sleeve photo, above? (Well, maybe just a tiny
smirk, but…) And dig the collaborations on the record too – only someone like Trent would have the
juice to call up a roster of homies like this; “Pussygrinder” with Sheryl Crow, yow.



  1. intro skit
  2. everybody’s doing it
    (featuring chris martin, jay-z AND bono)
  3. black t-shirt
  4. pussygrinder (featuring
    sheryl crow)
  5. coffin on the dancefloor
  6. this rhythm is infected
  7. slide to the dark side
  8. even closer (featuring justin
    timberlake and maynard james keenan)
  9. on the list (she’s not)
  10. clap trap crack slap
  11. laid, paid and played
    (featuring fergie of the black eyed peas and al jourgensen)
  12. feel like being dead again
  13. still hurts (featuring alicia
  14. outro skit


According to the NIN site, “To download NIN’s new full-length album Strobe Light, PRODUCED BY TIMBALAND, enter a valid
email address in the fields below. A download link will be sent to you
immediately. Your credit card will be charged $18.98 plus a $10 digital
delivery convenience fee. Your files will arrive as windows media files
playable on quite a few players with your name embedded all over them just in
case you lose them. You will also receive an exclusive photo and a free email
account with our partner Google’s Gmail service. Your email will be kept
confidential and will not be used for spam, unless we can make some money
selling it.”


So – go ahead folks. Enter your email. Then confirm that email. Then click
“submit.” If you dare. (Hint: better have your virus protection up to date.
Today, after all, is the day the Conficker Worm is supposed to get all up your
azz ‘n’ stuff. And – Trent
– Reznor – IS – the – Conficker!) Go ahead – we did.





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