Infinity Blues







When Ryan
Adams announced earlier this year that he would leave his band, The Cardinals,
in March to concentrate on his writing career, fans didn’t know what to expect.
For those who read Adams’ collection of gloomy
poetry and random short stories in Infinity
, his decision to leave music now may seem a bit impulsive.


interesting and passionate a songwriter as Adams
has demonstrated himself to be, going on hiatus to focus on writing prose that
focuses on the evils and darkness of his life seems a bit preposterous. Although
some pieces in this 288-page volume stick out with symbolic meaning and
devilish imagery, others like “Life in a Taxi” seem to do nothing but provide a
space for Adams to serve up random thoughts
from, you guessed it, inside a taxi. Some fans probably believed Adams’ prolific
songwriting career would carry into Infinity
but it seems that,
instead, Adams took the opportunity to unleash
an autobiographical-like fiasco of ideas to show off his inner demons. While
some material hints that Adams may be dealing
with the true realities of life, a large portion simply comes off as adolescent


Adams might want to consider sticking
it out with the Cardinals instead of subjecting his nascent writing career to the
candid “whatever” attitude distinguished in Infinity
Yes, to be young is to be sad, but when you are thirty-four years old like Adams,
isn’t it time to start looking at the better moments in life instead of
dwelling on the miserable ones?




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