Hung up on The Coathangers


Scramble might
result in mixed message.


By Nancy Dunham



In critics’ school they teach us music journalist
types that we understand tunes better than anyone else, even the artists that
create them. But what to do when critics offer contrasting views? That’s a
quandary even the critic school overlords often can’t reconcile.


Consider The Coathangers, who played nine shows at
SXSW and have just released their second album Scramble. We posted the “Stop Stomp Stompin'” video and told you
about the album and why we liked it a lot (but maybe didn’t love it unconditionally…): Blurt.


Fader also
posted the “Stop Stomp Stompin'” video debut Video with a short, yet positive,
description and links to download the tune.


Paste reports the sophomore disc
isn’t quite the caliber they expected from these grunge angels: Paste .


solution? You! Put on your critic’s hat, play the video or tune, and let us
know what you think. If you wanna graduate, you gotta tell it like you hear it.


borrow a quote from Juan Thompson — the son of Gonzo Journalist/ultimate
critic Hunter Thompson — in response to reviews of his father’s work:

will have to make up your own mind. He certainly did.”





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