Have a Rock & Roll Fan- uh, Experience!


By Blurt Staff


Five-day event links wanna-be musicians with veteran rockers…by the way,
what the hell does a photo of Hendrix have to do with all this?


Here’s your chance to bond with members of the MC5, The
Sex Pistols, The Beach Boys, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Devo, David
Bowie’s band, and Blondie. All you need is (maybe lots of) dollars and a dream
– plus some musical chops would come in handy.


Rock & Roll Experience will team participants with the road-tested
musicians. You get to write, produce and perform your own songs with guidance –
and we bet plenty of war stories – from the musicians.


five-day event is in Honolulu (here’s where the cash comes in) Oct. 7 to 11.
And what do you get if you sign up for one of the many packages available?


of the celebrity artists are on site for the duration, eating, drinking, and
jamming with our guests. People will get to live their rock and roll dreams,
play music with rock legends, and be treated like celebrities themselves,” say
the promoters.


those Rock & Roll Fantasies can come true….at least for a while.


out details at www.rockandrollexperience.com


– did they say MC5, Beach Boys and Devo? Oh, the mind just boggles… Are we not men? Kick out the surf city jams,






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