Girl Talk – Mashups = Songs?


Gillis looking to
change his direction, somewhat.


By Fred Mills


Rather than be pigeonholed by hoodie-rocking hipsters, Greg
Gillis of Girl Talk is apparently aiming for some stylistic shifts on his next
album. Although nothing is firm yet regarding the followup to last year’s Feed the Animals, in an interview with
Gillis published this morning at, the mix-n-mashup-meister is
aiming for something a big more structured and song-like.


Commented Gillis, “I’m interested in working on individual
songs — kind of in the style I’ve been doing, but with actual repetition as
opposed to linear structure and stuff like that, some elements with a
verse-and-chorus sort of structure as opposed to going through 50 minutes of
change-ups the entire time. I want to evolve and keep refining.


“I’m constantly working on material. Every day I cut up
music. I try not to be concerned with what will be on an album. I just try to
come up with small ideas I introduce into the (live) set, and I’ll eventually
get to the point where I say, ‘OK, here’s this slightly new sound. I feel like
there’s some evolution.’ I’m interested in putting out music, and it’s always
nice to give people music.”


Striking a blow for DIYers everywhere, Gillis added he’s
happy with his current home, Illegal Art, despite being courted heavily by
various labels.


Hell, who needs labels anymore anyhow?


Girl Talk Tour Dates:


Apr 24 2009    8:00P

            Ohio Wesleyan            Delaware, Ohio

Apr 29 2009    8:00P

            Lafayette College           Easton, Pennsylvania

May 22 2009   8:00P

            Summer Camp
           Chillicothe, Illinois

May 29 2009   8:00P

Jam Festival            Hunter, New York

Jun 12 2009     8:00P

Music Festival        Manchester,



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