F. Lips + Religious Wackos = Oklahoma


Wayne Coyne: “Our
governor’s got balls THIS big…”


By Nancy Dunham


As Yogi Berra used to famously say, “It’s Ain’t Over ‘Til
It’s Over.”


Keep that in mind tomorrow when you may well see hundreds of
The Flaming Lips’ fans clad in sickle-and-hammer decorated t-shirts. The garb –
which Lips’ front man Wayne Coyne has hinted he might provide – may be the
attire du jour when Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry is slated to sign an Executive
order designating Lips’ song “Do You Realize?” as the state’s official tune, Billboard reports.


As you know, almost as soon as the Lips’ song was selected
as the state tune in a contest, controversy reared its ugly head. The band’s
always-affable front man Wayne Coyne has given a host of interviews this week
to journos covering the confab. He blames “religious wackos” in the state house
of representatives for blocking the order because Michael Ivins wore a sickle
and hammer t-shirt.


Coyne told Billboard a highlight of the past month was the Gov’s rejection of the contest results.


 “It’s really just a
few religious wackos that think they can tell everybody what to do,” Wayne told
Billboard. “It’s not even to me
Democrats versus Republicans.”


Coyne proved his love for national policymaking land when
the band headlined an Earth Day concert in D.C. last week and he joyfully
rolled out to the crowd in his trademark balloon. Check out those antics in The
Washington Post






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