Exclusive: Spectrum Declares War Sucks!


Former Spacemen 3
mainman & band releases a new EP and gets set to invade our shores once



By Blurt Staff



It wasn’t all that long ago when we interviewed Pete “Sonic
Boom” Kembe
r about his then-current project with Jim Dickinson, Spectrum Meets
Captain Memphis, and during the conversation he also outlined some of his other
recent activities, including opening shows for My Bloody Valentine and plans
for new recorded material from his band Spectrum. Now comes word of exactly
that, a new 4-song Spectrum EP titled War
A tour to promote the EP will also take place; full North American
itinerary is below.




The EP is due for release on Mind Expansion records on April
23rd in both 12inch colored vinyl & C.D. formats with free
download . The EP features two covers – Sonic’s re-worked version of the Red Crayola’s
“War Sucks” and Laurie Anderson’s overlooked gem “Walking and Falling ” ,plus
two originals, “Over & Over” and “Razzle Dazzle Mind.”




 Between the four
tracks it covers the whole gamut of Spectrum’s unique approach to pop, punk and
psych, from droning sound sculptures to brick-in-face hard skronk. According to
the label the EP hints “at the variety of songs that will feature on a new album
due for release at the later in the year.”



The tracks were described for us by the good folks at Mind
Expansion (watch for a full review of the EP at BLURT soon):




SUCKS sees the band psychedelically stormtroop through the Red Crayola
classic accompanied by nebelwerfer strains – a kind of ‘Stalin organ’ used in
WW2 by the Germans to invoke as much chaos , noise  and fear as possible blended with the
overhead scream of  a Stuka dive-bomber.
The combination of the over-driven guitar sound, crashing cymbals and
apocalyptic vocal with these screaming sound effects makes for a unique &
compelling sound experience.



the band on instrumental form , with this classic Stooges meets Stereolab track
– a vocal version is expected for the new l.p.



an inspired cover of Laurie Anderson’s spoken word piece from 1980 , taking the
track to a stunning conclusion only hinted at in the original .  Intense delay feedback melding with Sonic’s
trademark Vox repeater tone creates atmosphere in this sensitive and pulsing



 It seamlessly segues into the final track , a
Spectrum original OVER & OVER -highly reminiscent of Playing With Fire era SPACEMEN 3 & at least the
equal to songs such as ‘Let me down gently’ & ‘How does it feel’.



Per Spectrum tradition, the sleeve are will be a
head-fucker. It was assembled in collaboration with Swiss artist Ivan Liechti
from the design studio DIY (www.diy.li) and
features psychedelic , candy-coloured artwork based on the unusual zig-zag
‘Razzle-Dazzle’ deception camouflage used in WW1 and WW2 . The vinyl comes in
custom pressed blended colors with matching sleeve artwork.




The Spectrum tour will kick off next week, April 23, in
Philly. It’ll run through mid-May when it wraps in San Diego. Don’t be surprised if you spot the
occasional surprise celebrity guest pop out onstage during the tour, either: on
the recent European and UK tours,  the
members of MGMT -avowed S3 and Spectrum acolytes – did exactly that.




The full band will be performing a mixture of new Spectrum
material from the last LP and the new EP, classic Spectrum songs as well as the
cream of Spacemen 3’s sprawling back catalogue.



Tour Dates:



Thurs 23 April – Kung fu Neck Tie – PHILADELPHIA

Fri 24th – Sonar – BALTIMORE

Sun 26 – Mercury Lounge – NYC

Tue 28 – Middle East Upstairs – BOSTON

Wed 29 – Death By Audio – BROOKLYN

Thurs 30 -Andy Warhol Museum

Fri 1st May – The Dark Room – CHICAGO

Sat 2nd – Neumos – SEATTLE

Mon 4th – Doug Fir Lounge – PORTLAND

Wed 6th – Coopers – NEVADA CITY

Thurs 7th – Great
American Music

Fri 8th – The Echo – LOS ANGELES

Mon 11th The Casbah – SAN



For more information go to :







Spectrum “How You Satisfy Me”:



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