CSS Ceases Touring, Performing


Brazilian dance/rock
outfit’s vocalist got “very stressed.”


By Fred Mills


This week in Britain’s NME,
CSS vocalist Lovefoxxx (real name: Luisa Hanae Matsushita) has disclosed in an
that she’s retiring from touring temporarily, which means – if you’re
even remotely familiar with the Brazilian band’s dynamic, at times chaotic,
stage show – essentially means that CSS is up on blocks for the time being.


Apparently the group’s touring regimen wore Lovefoxxx down
until it was no longer any fun. “I’m not thinking about music at the
moment,” she told the magazine. “I don’t like making music now. Touring is
great but if you’re doing too much it sucks your soul. When I’m on tour I’m
very stressed, it got to the point where it was quite hard.”


CSS will work on a followup to last year’s acclaimed Donkey album, and plans are to resurface
in 2010 – but operating within new (or without, take your pick) parameters. “”When
we did Donkey we were thinking about
the live show, it was all we had in mind,” she outlined. “Next time
we’re going to do something crazy and very ‘dance’. I think it’s going to be
more experimental. We’ll just go crazy and not worry about how to do it live.”


[Photo Credit: Roberta Ridolfi; Lovefoxx is 2nd from



Watch CSS – “Rat Is Dead (Rage”) video at BLURT.




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