Chrome Cranks Come Alive!


Scum-rock legends play
first shows in 12 years; CD retrospective due too.


By Burt Staff


After more than a decade, New York City’s infamous
garage/punk-blues/noise kings the Chrome
Cranks are back. Vocalist/guitarist Peter Aaron, guitarist William
Weber, drummer Bob Bert,
and bassist Jerry Teel have
reunited for a limited series of shows to take place in May 2009; see itinerary



Also this spring, Spanish label Bang! Records will release The Murder of Time: 1993-1996, a career overview on CD and double
vinyl LP featuring remastered tracks from the band’s first three studio albums
(1994’s The Chrome Cranks, 1995’s Dead Cool, and 1996’s Love in Exile; all now out of print) and 1997’s in-concert Live in Exile, plus several rare cuts.


The backstory:


Formed by Aaron and Weber (a sometime G.G.
Allin side man) during the late 1980s in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Chrome Cranks became a true force to
be feared when the band moved to New York in 1992 and acquired ex-Honeymoon Killers leader Teel and, eventually, ex-Sonic Youth/Pussy Galore member Bert. Dark, explosive, and
overwhelmingly raw, the Cranks’
corrosive sound proudly references masters like the Stooges, the Scientists,
Suicide, the Gun Club, the Doors, the Cramps, the Birthday Party, the Rolling
Stones, and the Jesus Lizard, interweaving these feral scraps with the band
members’ singular Midwest garage-meets-Lower East Side-alley breeding to create
a jagged, black pastiche unrivaled since the quartet’s 1998 breakup.



Known equally for their
unhinged, decibel-destroying live performances and their volatile studio
recordings, the Chrome Cranks
have been cited as an influence by the White Stripes, the Mooney Suzuki, and
other leading neo-garage acts. Additionally, the group’s songs have been covered
on stage and on record by many younger bands.



Check out the way-sexy video of the band and, uh, a buncha
chicks, below. It’ll make you reach for your Cranks recs (and maybe the stray
Scientists platter, too…).



Tour Dates:


May 2 Backstage Studio Productions, Kingston, NY.

(w/ Frankie & His Fingers, Venture Lift)


May 8 Santo’s Party House, New York, NY
(w/ The Friggs)


May 15 Glasslands Gallery. Brooklyn, NY.

Woman, Headless Hookers, Brownbird Rudy Relic + special guest DJ)


May 22 Nuits Sonores Festival in Lyon, France

Boss Hogg, the Drones, Holly Golightly)



“Hot Blonde Coctail”:




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