Blurt Is Now On Twitter

Knuckle-dragging music
portal finally gets around to bum-rushing the social networking scene.


By Blurt Staff


You ever have one of those dreams where someone asks you a
question and everybody in the entire room goes silent and turns to see what
you’ll say? (Some of you probably still have those dreams where you appear in
public wearing no pants, but that is sooooo, like, last millennium…)


What are you doing?


That’s not just a rhetorical query; it’s what you see at the
top of the Twitter page every time you log on, and as we all know, half the
civilized universe has apparently decided to answer the question – in some
cases (mainly shut-ins and raving egomaniacs), hundreds of times a day. So who
are we to stop the march of social networking as we boldly transition to an
increasingly connected world.


As of today, you can find us on Twitter at ,
so sign up as official BLURT followers, won’t you? It comes with a certificate of authenticity, a secret decoder ring, and two free passes to the annual “Antlers Of Rock” festival we’ve been hosting for the past decade.


We can’t guarantee we WON’T waste your time with our Twitter
tweets, but at least you can follow us and decide for yourself if we’re hip or
drip. Along the way, you’ll be able to keep track of fresh content at the main
BLURT site (gee, you could also just, uh, log on to the very page you’re
reading, but that wouldn’t be as fun….), upcoming happenings we’re planning,
and random ephemera as it occurs to us.




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