Beck Climbs Back in His “Grave”



By Blurt Staff


One Foot In The Grave Deluxe Reissue
due next week.


By Blurt Staff



If you’re like
us, you just can’t stop listening to Beck’s last release Modern Guilt, a banquet of cool alt sound as we told you when it
was released Blurt



Next week, there
will be more Beck to enjoy, this time a reissue of One Foot In The Grave, which his publicists call a “minimalist
mutant folk collection” that was originally released four months after Beck’s
1994 debut Mellow Gold.



The April 14
reissue (released by Beck’s own label ILIAD and is being distributed
nationally by Universal) will include 13 previously unreleased
tracks from the original sessions and three more from an out of print 7″
only release, including an early version of “It’s All In Your Mind”
from 2002’s Sea Change.



The complete track listing is as follows:





1. “He’s A Mighty Good Leader”

2. “Sleeping Bag”

3. “I Get Lonesome”

4. “Burnt Orange Peel”

5. “Cyanide Breath Mint”

6. “See Water”

7. “Ziplock Bag”

8. “Hollow Log”

9. “Forcefield”

10. “Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods”

11. “Asshole”

12. “I’ve Seen The Land Beyond”

13. “Outcome”

14. “Girl Dreams”



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