All Fiery Furnaced Up!


Fiery Furnaces set to burn up the airwaves with new CD.


By Nancy Dunham


Time to think about going away.


The Fiery Furnaces’ eighth album – titled I’m Going Away – is set for July 21


The band’s handlers call the
album “70’s sunshine-glazed piano pop, filled with
cascading note slides, head-nodding grooves and some of the sweetest melodies
in their seemingly endless arsenal of musical ideas.”


hasn’t been working out so well for many bands (hello, Panic at the Disco) but
the siblings Friedberger have this to
say about that!


rock music is a sort of dramatic music. And since the times are tough, it makes
sense to have that ‘drama’ be something more like a version of Taxi than something like a version of
Titanic. We like Taxi better than Titanic anyway.  So we hope that
some of the songs on this record can be used as theme songs to folks’ own
personal versions of Taxi.
Because–ideally–the dramatic setting of the music isn’t provided by the story
or image of the given act or band. It’s provided by the lives of the people who
use–listen to–the music. That’s all kinds of pop music’s promise and problem,
or danger. So be careful and don’t get cancelled.”


Let’s hope the CD works out for them and they break
the anti-retro mode. good people.




“I’m Going Away”

“Drive to Dallas”

“The End is Near”

“Charmaine Champagne”

“Cut the Cake”

“Even in the Rain”

“Staring at the Steeple”

“Ray Bouvier”

“Keep Me in the Dark”

“Lost At Sea”

“Cups and Punches”

“Take Me Round Again”





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