Vids: U2 Magnificent, Breathe, Letterman


Digging out from under
all that snow as well…


By Fred Mills


God bless YouTube and the Santa’s elves that keep it hummin’
24-7. At our advanced age we’re tucked away in our bunks long before 11:30 EST
– that’s when David Letterman comes on, and since most of the musical guests
don’t perform until the end of the show, staying up until almost 12:30 is a
recipe for feeling like a real dog the next morning. (You say you’re not an
early riser? Wait’ll you have kids, punk.)


So Monday night U2 began their week-long residency with
Dave, and on the first show they performed “Breathe” from No Line on the Horizon. See below for the performance clip, along
with an additional one in which the Letterman cameras caught the Irish rockers
shoveling snow (and taking a smoke break). Literally.


Then last night they did “Magnificent,” which is one of the stronger tracks on the admittedly flawed album – classic U2 territory. The clip of that is below as well.


Meanwhile, you  can
check out our somewhat-cautionary, 6-out-of-10-stars review of the new album HERE. Raise your hand
if you forked out the big bucks for the super-duper deluxe edition….




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