Vid Exclusive: New Live Jason Isbell


Doing “Soldiers Get
Strange” from the 400 Unit’s recent album.


By Fred Mills


Okay, kids, Uncle Blurt got a treat for ya: it’s a video of
Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit doing “Soldiers Get Strange” live down in
Muscle Shoals recently. The song comes from the band’s eponymous album – which
landed a 10-stars-out-of-10-stars review in this very magazine recently – and
it positively kills.


Exclusively at BLURT. Accept no substitutes. Go to our video
kiosk or simply click HERE to go straight to the video. Incidentally, we’ve got
a number of other Isbell video exclusives in our video archive, both
performance and interview clips recorded last year in Asheville, NC.


And thanks, Mr. Isbell & Co. Y’all are the good guys.




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