U2 “Surprise” Gig In Boston Tomorrow


Crew is loading gear
into Somerville Theatre as we tweet!


By Blurt Staff


Okay, so that guerilla U2 show this past weekend in Boston (Cambridge,
to be precise) turned out to just be a rumor. Sue us. But word now arrives from
the Boston Globe‘s Boston.com that the
show is going to take place tomorrow and it was only confirmed this morning.
Apparently roads near Boston’s
Somerville Theatre are being staffed by policemen and the road behind the
theater is blocked off as crew load U2’s gear into the venue.


According to Boston.com:


It has all been very last minute. Jeff
, who works for Capron Lighting and Sound, first heard about
the show a week ago but said he only got a call confirming the Somerville
Theatre location this morning at 8:30 a.m. “That shows you how under wraps
they were trying to keep it,” he said.


Production manager Jake Berry tells
us that U2 will probably play four songs tomorrow and then take questions from
the audience.




The songs-plus-questions format mirrors the U2 mini-gig that
took place last Friday morning at NYC’s Fordham University.
Let the stampede begin!



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