U2 Sneak Gig Tonight in Cambridge?



Rumored to be doing
small club show at the Middle East; popped up at Fordham University
this morning.


By Blurt Staff


We have absolutely no confirmation at all on this, and you
know how rumors can be, but at least it’s not April Fool’s Day yet. If all of
this turns out to be bogus, don’t blame BLURT!


Sources tell us that U2 is doing s sneak surprise gig at the
Middle East club/restaurant at 472
Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, Mass.,
tonight. If you go to the club’s website there is, obviously, no listing;
several other performers, in fact, are on the itinerary. However, we were
advised the following:


“A friend [of our source] was just at the Cambridge Police
Headquarters this morning getting a police detail and an officer came into the
detail office and asked the person to reserve extra detail for tonight at the
Mid East due to U2 playing there…. I’m sure it will leak… and if they happen to
change the venue, the rumors have been flying that they were playing the Paradise, and then the Somerville Theater.”


Hey, don’t you love rumors! It’s worth noting that while U2
is on the Letterman show tonight, Letterman apparently tapes his Friday night
shows on Thursdays so he only has to work four days a week, so…


Okay, let the stampede to the Middle
East begin!


Meanwhile, at 8 a.m. this morning at New York’s Fordham University U2 definitely
did a surprise, if not-so-secret, concert. According to Rollingstone.com, the
band played “on the steps of the university’s gothic Keating Hall, in front of
a snowy, packed quad of Fordham students and staff. A Fordham ID was required
to enter the School of Rock-esque spectacle.”


Students had begun lining up at 1 a.m., and when U2 showed
up a few hours later the band kicked things off with three No Line on the Horizon tracks: “Get On Your Boots,” “Magnificent”
and “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight.” Good Morning America then did a brief interview and the band
performed three others: “Beautiful Day,” “Breathe” and “Vertigo.”



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