Tiny Masters of Today w/New LP


Raise your hand if you
caught ‘em blow out the fuses at SXSW.



By Blurt Staff



Fresh off their riotous appearance at SXSW last weekend
(their first show in 6 monhts), Brooklyn’s
Tiny Masters of Today announce details of their new album, “Skeletons,”
out on Mute on June 16. The core unit of siblings Ivan and Ada (ages
15 and 12 respectively) are joined by drummer Jackson Pollis.





The band’s trajectory has been startling. Almost overnight,
the band went from a few homemade recordings on a MySpace page to collaborating
with Karen O and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kimya Dawson, Fred
Schneider (B-52s) and Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers), being remixed by CSS and
Liars, and touring the world. David Bowie even lauded their first homemade
single as “Genius.”



With Skeletons,
however, the Tiny Masters went it totally alone, producing and writing the
entire album themselves. Fans of Tiny Masters’ familiar shouting and
sloganeering and general anti-establishment nose thumbing won’t be
disappointed, but the sonic palette has broadened somewhat. It’s a mixture of
classic punk rock incorporating hip-hop, electronica, dub, and even disco. The
tracks were largely recorded at their home in Brooklyn,
using the computer program Garageband. They brought the songs to Seaside Lounge
studio with engineer Patrick McCarthy for additional recording and the final
product was mixed by Matt Stein at U.W.M.S.C. in New York.







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