The Ettes In John Mayer Smackdown!


The Ettes In John Mayer Smackdown!




Technically, just
their frontwoman… but that’s good enough!


By Fred Mills


Poor John Mayer… he just can’t get no respect at BLURT.
First, he earns a one-star-out-of-ten review for last year’s snoozeathon Where The Light Is: Live In Los Angeles.
Now, BLURT blogger Coco Hames – vocalist/guitarist for the mighty Ettes – is
harassing Johnifer, and all he can do is sputter and duck his head behind his


Seems that Mayer had bum-rushed a concert bill awhile back,
one which featured the Ettes and the Friggs, and during his set Mayer started
rambling on and on about next to nothing, so in a fit of Tourettes-inspired
hilarity, Hames let him know in no uncertain terms what a dipshit he was.


What happened next? Read all about it in Hames’ latest blog
installment, HERE.


Wish you’d snapped that thong of his while you were at it
too, Coco.



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