Ryan Adams Preps 2nd Book


His first one isn’t
even out yet….


By Fred Mills


First there was Ryan Adams the prolific (some have said
profligate) musician, cranking out records at a Bob Pollard-like clip. Now
comes Ryan Adams the potentially prolific (some may wind up saying profligate)
author, cranking out book at a Danielle Steele-like clip.


That’s right: with Adams’ Infinity Blues not even in stores yet – the collection of poetry
and short essays as announced last fall and is due in stores next month; BLURT
imagined some fantasy excerpts from it HERE – we now get word of his second collection
from the good folks at Akashic
. Hello
as “poems and short fiction” and while no publication date has
been set yet, Akashic indicates to check their site on May 15 for an
announcement on pre-ordering.


Here’s what they’re telling us so far:



With the release of Hello Sunshine, Ryan Adams breaks
literary ground far beyond what he accomplished with his critically acclaimed
first book, Infinity
. Where his debut was characterized by the bitterness of heartbreak, Hello Sunshine is a graceful, sensual
assertion of the other side of the emotional coin. This is a 2009 fever
dream–inside Ryan’s heart and mind–replete with unforgettable verse that will
shock and delight those expecting a mere continuation of where Infinity Blues left


“This is the book of verse where
I wake up, where I see myself responding to a world with as much light and as
much grace as whatever disappointment I felt. This is where I fell back in love
with everything–this is my best work yet.”
–Ryan Adams on Hello Sunshine


Ryan Adams has always been a poet and
fiction writer at heart. Hello Sunshine
will establish without a doubt that the man is as eloquent and evocative with
his typewriter as he is with his guitar and microphone.



Well, all right then!


Meanwhile, Adams continues to tour with the Cardinals (he’s threatened to
throw in the towel soon, so catch him while you can – we reviewed one of his
recent Australian shows) while the countdown to Infinity Blues continues. You can read a full review of the book in
the debut print issue of BLURT, due on newsstands March 24. One excerpt:


“It seems
that Adams took the opportunity to unleash an
autobiographical-like fiasco of ideas to show off his inner demons. While some
material hints that Adams may be dealing with
the true realities of life, a large portion simply comes off as adolescent
diary-scribblings. Adams might want to
consider sticking it out with the Cardinals instead of subjecting his nascent
writing career to the candid “whatever” attitude distinguished in Infinity Blues.”




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