Ryan Adams & Mandy Moore Get Hitched


But we’re not taking
bets as to who will get unraveled first…


By Blurt Staff


While we don’t spend our afternoons reading Us magazine, much less scanning its
website for celebrity news (that’s called a ‘brain drain’), if a wiser-than-we
source like Stereogum tips us, who
are we to say no?


So you read that header right: soon-to-be-erstwhile rocker
Ryan Adams and tries-to-be-a-rocker Mandy Moore got married yesterday in Savannah, Georgia.
It’s true ‘cos their p.r. flacks have confirmed it. The engagement had been
announced last month, after a year-long courtship.



“Hopefully, it can happen and slip by unnoticed by
everybody,” Moore
was quoted as saying, about her impending nuptials. “I guess we have to be
sort of sneaky about it, but I’ll see what I can accomplish.”



Here’s hoping Moore will give
Adams some hair grooming tips…



Maybe this is why he’s thinking about quitting music. Only
room for one serious musician in a family, right? Hey, don’t forget to pick up
the inaugural print issue of BLURT – we got a big-ass review of Adams’ book of poetry and short essays in it! It’s due
March 24 on newsstands everywhere. (How’s that for working in a plug for




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