Robert Pollard Teams With Richard Davies



New collaboration from
indie titans is called, appropriately enough, Cosmos.


By Fred Mills



From Wikipedia:



Robert Pollard (born October 31,
1957) is a Dayton,
, USA singer-songwriter, who until 2004 was the leader
and creative force behind indie rock group Guided
by Voices
. With over 1000 songs registered to his name with BMI,[1] Pollard is among the most prolific songwriters of his time. In 2006 Paste
listed him as the 78th greatest living songwriter.[2] In 2007 he was nominated for the Shortlist Music Prize.[3]






Australian-born Richard
formed the chamber-pop unit the
in Sydney
in the late 1980s. After finding some underground success in their native land
as well as the U.S. and Britain, the
broke up around the beginning of 1993; Davies soon settled in New
York City to begin a solo career, although in 1994 he released his solo debut, Instinct,
under the
name. Through a mutual friendship with Sebadoh drummer Bob
, Davies joined forces with multi-instrumentalist and arranger Eric
to form the duo Cardinal.
Davies began his solo career in earnest [in] 1996… on tour, he was backed by
avowed fans the
Flaming Lips






On June 9, the Robert Pollard-Richard Davies summit known as
Cosmos hits stores. Titled Jar of Jam Ton
of Bricks
, it’s released on Happy Jack Rock Records and we don’t think we
have to tell you much else ‘cos if you are reading this then yo are
automatically interested in it, right? Here’s the tracklisting:



Stoke Newington Blitzkrieg
Don’t Be A Shy Nurse 3:29
Nude Metropolis 2:54
You Had To Be There 2:24
Grapes Of Wrath 3:24
Sudden Storms Are Normal 3:03
Zepplin Commander 3:24
Enter Moonlight 0:38
For The Whiz Kid 1:25
The Neighborhood Trapeze 3:16
Just By Pushing A Button 2:05
Early Chill Early Crow 1:42
Westward Ho 2:46
Hail Mary 3:05


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