Poison Arrows Prep Debut LP


Chicago band’s full length debut is set for May 12 release on File 13.


By Blurt Staff


After two CDEP’s,
Chicago’s The Poison Arrows return with their long-awaited debut album First Class, and Forever.  Guitarist, keyboardist,
and vocalist Justin Sinkovich (ex Atombombpocketknife) first released a solo EP
entitled Trailer Park as The Poison Arrows in 2004 on
File Thirteen.  He, drummer Adam Reach, and bassist Patrick Morris (ex Don
Caballero) then began playing together. While completing the overdubbing,
editing, and mixing of their first EP Straight Into The Drift in their studio The Plaza, The Poison Arrows began
to write songs together as a band. After a year had passed, far more than an
album’s worth of music materialized.


The Poison Arrows then went into Steve
Albini’s Electrical Audio Studio A with staff engineer and long- time friend
Greg Norman to record the basic tracks for over a dozen songs. After completing
the basic tracks at Electrical, all of the overdubs were recorded at The Plaza.
As the band continued to finish mixes for First
Class, and Forever
, the second EP Casual Wave was completed from the same sessions. 


The release of Casual Wave in August of 2008 showed a substantial
evolution of The Poison Arrows into a band. The sounds from Electrical Audio
are embraced instead of drastically manipulated like the previous EP, while
overdubs follow structures that were previously decided upon by live arrangements.


First Class, and Forever takes these Electrical sessions far further with
more complex songwriting and instrumentation. Patrick Morris’s bass playing
anchors the songs’ melodies with complex compositions and an unusually
extensive array of bass effects. Drummer Adam Reach provides thunderous
drumming captured in classic Albini form. Sinkovich instrumentally relies on a
maze of guitar lines and a variety of synthesizers sounds, while his vocals
glue together each meandering soundtrack with a stark delivery of heady prose.
Brian Case from The Ponys, 90 Day Men, and Disappears contributes vocals with
Sinkovich on two of the album’s tracks “Total Beverage” and “Twenty Percent
Brighter.”   Eric Chaleff from Sterling,
Follows, and Bloodiest adds striking guitar lines on “Twenty Percent Brighter”
as well.  The combination of this wide variety of elements has created a
complex and intense post-progressive neo-surrealist ten-track album.


The Poison Arrows have toured in the Midwest
and East Coast with the likes of Battles, Holy Fuck, Boris, Bellini, Lords,
Department of Eagles, Enon, Thalia Zedek, Indian, Born Ruffians, Cadence
Weapon, Dianogah, Shipping News, School
of Language, and many
more. They will be touring extensively for the release of First Class, and Forever.


First Class, and
Forever Tracklist

1. Future Wine
Total Beverage

3. Fire Up the Happiness
4. Twenty Percent Brighter
5. Casual Wave
6. An Unexploded Dream
7. The Path of Least Resistance
8. Peruvian Mountain Fight
9. To Meet Eyes
10. Ideal Omens



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