Play 6 Degrees of Pearl Jam & Win!


Actually, you won’t
win nothin’… But have fun! Hey, did you know that Neil Young has played with Pearl Jam on several occasions, such as when they
provided the backing band for his album Mirror Ball? You did? Well, now we do


By Fred Mills


At BLURT we are all about good ol’ time wasters – no you
twats, we’re not talkin’ Twitter. We mean REAL time wasters. Such as the David
Lee Roth shout-outs generator, or the David Lee Roth asteroids video game. (We
think Diamond Dave is the ultimate waste of time….)


Not to be outdone, Pearl Jam has gotten into the time
mismanagement game. As one gimmicky way to promote the deluxe Legacy Edition of
Ten that just hit stores this week –
you can read our in-depth analysis of the album and its legacy next week – the
band has created a 6 Degrees of Pearl Jam online game and downloadable widget.
As the title might suggest, you plug in the name of a band or a musician and it
generates a description of how that artist is related professionally to Pearl Jam.


Some are obvious and intuitive – Neil Young, the Who, pretty
much any band from Seattle
from the early ‘90s you’d care to mention. Others, such as Coldplay (shudder!),
Kanye West, and Whitney Houston, (WTF?) have a more convoluted line that can be
traced to the jammers. The Whitney thing takes you to Dolly Parton to Elvis to
Roy Orbison to U2 to, bingo, Bono and Pearl Jam. Who’d a thunk it?


Oddly, a lot of artists you’d think might have a direct
connection do not. For example, there’s no connection between Guided By Voices
and Robert Pollard and Pearl Jam – you have to enter an “influence” of Pollard’s
in order to sniff out a connection, which in this case turned out to be The
Who, and… oops, we just wasted 5 more minutes of our valuable time. We’re outta


Check out the game at the PJ site HERE.


Or simply start clicking the widgety thing below….





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