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Rick Rubin dips his hands into the
project too.


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On June 23,
Columbia records will release Pete Yorn’s ‘Back and Fourth’ marking a new
musical chapter in which the acclaimed singer and songwriter has taken a
different approach to writing and recording with stunning results. ‘Back and Fourth’
follows Yorn’s first three albums, which he considers a trilogy, and is his
first album in three years. Yorn wrote all ten songs on ‘Back and Fourth’ and
recorded the album in Omaha,
NE, with producer Mike Mogis
(Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley). Columbia’s
Co-Chairman Rick Rubin helped guide the project from its earliest demo stages
to final mastering.

The songs on ‘Back and Fourth’ range from lilting mandolin lullabies to bracing
anthems. But there’s a thread running through the album – an organic feel to
the arrangements, a careful pacing to the sequence, a penetrating truth to the
stories – that’s unmatched by anything else in Yorn’s catalogue.

‘Back and Fourth’ sounds like no other Pete Yorn record because it was made
like no other Pete Yorn record. For the first time, Yorn wrote lyrics before
composing melodies, resulting in his most personal songs to date. When it came
time to record, Yorn traded the family, friends and routines of his life in Los Angeles for the relative solitude of Omaha, where he spent two months in 2008
making the album. And while Yorn played virtually all the instruments on his
first three albums, he assembled a top shelf band for ‘Back and Fourth’,
including drummer Joey Waronker (Beck), pianist/arranger Nate Wolcott (Bright Eyes,
The Faint, Rilo Kiley), guitarist Jonny Polonsky, bassist Joe Karnes (John
Cale), and backing vocalist Orenda Fink (Azure Ray). “That’s the essential
approach to the new album,” says Yorn. “I wanted to share my songs
with a group of players who I respected, and then share the experience of
recording them together as a group.”

Pete Yorn will tour extensively in support of ‘Back and Fourth’ and also plans
to release more new music in 2009.

Track Listing:

1. Don’t Wanna Cry
2. Paradise Cove
3. Close
4. Social Development
5. Shotgun
6. Last Summer
7. Thinking of You
8. Country
9. Four Years
10. Long Time



credit: Autumn de Wilde]



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