Hella Returns!



Once defunct, now back
on the boards…this time as a duo. That’s a helluva good deal….



By Blurt Staff




“I got to be honest. Me and Spencer just don’t get


That’s Hella drummer Zach Hill, speaking to BLURT late last
year, about his split from guitarist Spencer Seim and the implosion of beloved
prog-skronk band Hella. Hill subsequently did a solo project – read about it and
the breakup of the band HERE – while Seim went off and did his sBACH deal.


So much for all that.


Hell is officially back to being a duo. Hill and Seim are
currently writing, working and ripping on their first full length album as
a two piece band in four
years.  The album will be recorded and finished this year of 2009. 


Hella has not decided on what record label will be
releasing it, or whom will be producing/engineering the album. Those details
will be figured and announced sooner than later. International touring will
most likely follow suit.


Time flies when you’re having fun, eh lads?



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