Ettes’ Coco Hames Blogs For Blurt


First installment of
garage-pop combo’s frontperson debuts today at Blurt site.


By Blurt Staff


That’s right, you read the headline correctly: the lovely
Ms. Coco Hames, one-third of the mighty Ettes, is officially now a Blurt
Blogger. (That’s the singer/guitarist in the photo above, standing between
drummer Poni Silver and bassist Jem Cohen.) Her blog is titled “Look At Life” –
named after the Ettes’ 2008 album Look At
Life Again Soon
, reviewed HERE – and that’s exactly what she’ll be doing
for us.


The first Hames blog went live on the BLURT site today and
you can link through from the list of bloggers on the right hand side of the
homepage or simply click HERE. In it, she lets you know why young girls should
not follow freaks with scraggly beards and cowboy hats home late at night to
their trailers in order to listen to old Johnny Cash records. (Memo to self:
purchase some Cash CDs soon.)


In the weeks to come Coco will be sharing with us all manner
of hard-won wisdom, like why you shouldn’t get your socks mixed up with a
bandmates while on the road, what it’s like to be the opening act on a Kings of
Leon tour, and possibly what Katy Perry was like during her pre-fame years.


And this isn’t Coco’s first foray into journalism for BLURT:
back in January she authored the initial installment of our ongoing series
“Most Fucked Up Thing I’ve Ever Seen” – which you can read HERE.


Meanwhile, there’s also that news about the new Ettes’ EP Danger Is along with their upcoming SXSW
shows. Don’t miss the band if you’re in Austin…



[Photo Credit: Matt Wignall]




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