Duofest III Set; Mecca Normal to Play


More, as the saying
goes, is definitely less, and that’s a good thing.



By Blurt Staff



The third annual Duofest is set for April 18 in Durham, NC,
and will feature 16 duos (duh!) playing on two stages from 2:30 to 12:30. With
the high-profile likes of Mecca Normal (pictured above; on their 25 anniversary
tour no less) making the trek to the Tarheel
State this year, it’s
guaranteed to be the proverbial “good time had by all”. See below for the full
itinerary of bands.


Now a little info. This has been a public service, with guitars.



Why Duo: Duofest began in 2007 after Dave Duo and Eleni Binge
realized there were a myriad of duos without a fest to celebrate. Tired of
questions about missing band members, the duo-philes set up an event to
celebrate the artform of more is less. Duofest continues to be relevant in this
economy, the perfect time to trim back your band members to duo.


Curious Fact: Every year a three-piece wants to play.


What: The 3rd annual festival of all two-pieces. (Pop. Rock. Dance. Fuzz.
Metal. Noise. Off-kilter. Folk n’ Anti-Folk.)


When: Saturday, April 18th, 2:30 PM 12:30 AM


Where: Bull City Headquarters, 723 N. Mangum St., Durham, NC 27701,
www.bullcityhq.org/ Map: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl


Cost: Suggested donation: $5-$10, depending on how long you stay,
how much you have, how much you eat.


Event Website: http://www.myspace.com/durhamduofest


Event Lineup:


2:00 PM — DOORS

3:00Battle Rockets (Chapel Hill)

3:30Sawteeth McTweedy (Durham)

4:00Basalt (Greensboro)

4:30Scientific Superstar (Durham)

5:00Ottvovonbismark (Milford, PA / Wilmington, NC)

5:30Phon (Raleigh)

6:00 Sequoya (Durham)

6:30Victor Victor Band (Philadelphia)

7:00Veg Dinner Break!!

8:00Spacelab (Chapel Hill)

8:30 — Saint Peter
Pocket Veto

9:00All Your Science (Durham) and Backpack
Drumset (Documentary on All Your Science)

9:45Beloved Binge (Durham)

10:15Mecca Normal (Vancouver,BC)

11:00Veelee(Chapel Hill)

11:30Curtains of Night (Chapel Hill)

12:00– Trophy Wife (DC)






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