Daniel Johnston “At Home” Films Online


From the filmmaker of the 2005 Johnston documentary.


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and audio tracks from renowned visual artist Stephen Tompkins sessions with
Daniel Johnston, the Austin-based singer/songwriter featured in the 2005
documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston, have now been made available
online as a collection named Daniel Johnston: At Home Live and can be
found at www.danieljohnstonlive.com and iTunes (as well as Napster, Rhapsody and most digital content providers).


aim was to bridge Daniel’s early lo-fi and boom box recording technique days
with his more commercial/produced later albums. At Home Live seemed to fit nicely between and as a rare look into
Daniel’s studio where he writes much of his music,” Explained Tompkins. 
“As I filmed I was delighted that I had my own private Daniel Johnston concert
on film. I thought, “What if I could film Bob Dylan performing in his
house?”  I wanted my film to be a sort of cinema verite, to show the
myth of Daniel Johnston performing in his authentic creative environment,
keeping in mind that some people back then had never even seen Daniel in photos
or at one of his shows. When you listen to the early tapes, there is an
intimate quality to Daniel’s voice, as if he’s only singing for himself.
Daniel’s music is an “acousmetre” because the quality of his voice
cannot be pinned down to a tangible reality; it taps into one’s imagination as
to where this music was recorded. I wanted to show that environment on film
somehow. So I just let the camera roll from a fixed position, with no cuts at
all as if you were just sitting next to him, as a sort of ghost.””Thirteen
videos and mp3s are available including songs “Kool-Aid,” “I Had A Dream” and
“Try To Love.” 


filmed over four hours of raw footage at Johnston’s
home in Waller, Texas
in 1999 with the only onlookers being neighboring cows. Tompkins intentionally
held on to the film for ten years before releasing it, viewing this footage and
audio as a time capsule.  The duo of Johnston and Tompkins have a lengthy
history, having done a two-man exhibition in Austin titled “The Art Of Daniel
Johnston & Stephen Tompkins” and will soon be featured in a new book from
Dirty Pilot titled “Year One Rewind.”





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