UK Bookies Screwed by Paul Weller


How much did YOU lose
on the Brits?


By Fred Mills


Here’s a news nugget you don’t run across every day:
bookmakers in Britain
are apparently £100,000 as of yesterday in the wake of Paul Weller’s surprise
win at this week’s annual Brit Awards for Best British Solo Male Artist. This
comes on the heels of other recent news that all Brit Award gambling was halted
by key UK bookie agencies when, according to, “a flurry of suspicious
bets on Weller winning were place dwithin a short space of time of each other”
leading up to the awards ceremony.


Speculation is that some gamblers were tipped off in advance
about Weller’s win, and as a spokesperson for the bookies told reporters, “It
was our music department’s worst night for years. It’s highly unlikely we’ll be
betting on the Brits again as there is no doubt the results are circulating up
to a week before.The fact Paul’s interview was pre-recorded suggests people had
been tipped off.”


Bookies have spokespersons?
Who knew!



Speaking of spokespersons, one for the Brits defended their
institution, saying, “Every precaution is taken to keep results under lock
and key.”



Meanwhile, Weller’s current whereabouts are unknown.
Hopefully he’s not passed out in the streets of Prague again….



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