Tommy Tutone Auctions off Jenny!



You know you wanna
sing it out loud… “867-5309″… $20,000 worth, in fact.


By Fred Mills


Say it ain’t so, Tom! How could you betray Jenny!


hat’s right: Tommy Tutone has up on eBay his “Official
867-5309 & Business” – for a smooth $20,000 bucks. Say what?


Go to THIS EBAY AUCTION and, indeed, you’ll see an auction
for that amount – no reserve, which seems risky, particularly since there are
no bids as of this writing, and the auction is to end just four days from now,
on Feb. 10. Of course, we are in a recession, so check out the item description
and decide for yourself if this is a good value or not…


We are not making this up.



Incidentally, 10% of the final sale will go to the
Love-A-Stray Animal Rescue folks.





The REAL DEAL from the
man who dialed in the WORLDS MOST FAMOUS phone number “867-5309 Jenny“. Tommy Tutone’s only number 515-867-5309 is
included as part of Tommy’s business; “DEALER MARKETING”,
along with the business and Tommy Tutones only number… Tommy will create a
voice message for the new owner and “sing” the name of your choice
along with “you have reached Tommy Tutone at 867-5309” NOT AN
but the one and only number – from the man who made it famous.


FACTS:  867-5309 is without a doubt one of the most famous
numbers in the world through song and pop culture – and Marketing Company d.b.a.
“Dealer Marketing” is being offered by Tommy Heath, p.k.a. “Tommy
.  Tommy is the founding member of the well known 80’s
Rock Band “Tommy Tutone”
known for the smash hit song: “Jenny
that still continues to be played and heard by millions on a
weekly basis on classic rock radio stations worldwide.  Tommy Tutone also
continues to perform worldwide offering an outstanding live show to fans in
anticipation of singing along to the top hit “Jenny

Tommy Tutone is managed and booked by



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